A Baton Rouge man accused of threatening to gun down and bomb his co-workers at a local casino after he was suspended from his job was arrested on Friday.

Branden Marquise Albert, 27, sent threatening text messages to his supervisor at the L’Auberge Casino and attempted to run him off the road, the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office reported.

Albert’s supervisor told deputies that he was driving away from the casino on L’Auberge Avenue when he noticed a white Ford F-150 pickup truck quickly drive up behind him and try to force him off the roadway. The supervisor’s account was later confirmed by security video footage.

The supervisor told deputies Albert was angry after he was suspended earlier that day pending an investigation into his positive drug test results, the report says, and he sent multiple text message threats to the supervisor. Later, he sent additional text messages to other members of the staff threatening to kill them using skills he said he learned in the military, the report says. Sixteen law enforcement units from various agencies responded to the threat.

Albert sent his supervisor several text messages about 11 p.m. Thursday telling him he was “going to show what he did while in the military and that he never missed a shot from long range.” Albert told his supervisor that he was setting up his assault rifles and hand grenades on the levee near the casino.

A second L’Auberge employee reported getting death threats at his home after midnight Thursday. He told deputies Albert was threatening to shoot him and other co-workers, telling them he would shoot them with his AK-47 assault rifle.

Albert told them “he’s getting more fire power and that he’ll be back,” the report by the Sheriff’s Office said. He then threatened one of his former co-worker’s mothers, saying he would “shred her car to pieces,” as he knew where she lived, the report states.

Albert’s text messages were sent over the span of about two hours, and deputies were unable to locate him.

Later Friday morning, about 11:30 a.m., seven Baton Rouge police units, eight Sheriff’s Office units and a unit from Louisiana State Police were stationed outside the casino.

Albert’s co-workers told deputies he texted that he was in the parking lot and was going to “try and gun y’all down.” He said he had placed pipe bombs and warned them to “walk light.” “Those security guards better have assault rifles,” he told them, according to the report.

Deputies found him at the address listed on his cellphone bill and arrested him. He told deputies he knew why they had come and apologized for sending the text messages, the report says.

Albert, 2872 77th Ave., was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison Friday evening on counts of terrorizing and cyberstalking.

Attempts to reach L’Auberge officials for comment on Saturday were unsuccessful.