A father is accused of choking his daughter outside LSU’s Student Union during her freshman orientation on Monday and a warrant has been issued for his arrest, LSU police said.

During a lunch break inside the Student Union, Willis Morris Jenkins III, 37, and his daughter had an argument about financial aid and social media, Sgt. Chet Chambless said in a police report, after which Jenkins stormed out of the building.

The victim told police she walked outside and found her father talking on the phone and when he got off, she said he got into his car and pulled up in front of the Student Union, approached his daughter, yelling, and proceeded to grab her throat, yank her back and forth and push his fingers into her temples, Chambless said.

A witness notified campus police.

Chambless noted in his report that he saw red marks on the girl’s neck when he interviewed her, though it was determined she was in good health.

Later, five witnesses, all leaders of LSU Orientation Day, came forward to give written statements to police. All of the witnesses told the authorities they heard Jenkins yelling profanities at the girl while she was sitting on a bench, and four of the leaders said they saw Jenkins grab her by the shirt and hit her on the chest, the report says. Police have called Jenkins, of 1006 Willow St., several times but so far have been “met with a negative result each time,” according to the report.

A 19th Judicial District judge signed a warrant for his arrest Tuesday on a count of domestic abuse battery. Jenkins is still at large.