Malfunctioning voting booth at Baton Rouge election site leads to long waits for some voters _lowres

Voters with last names beginning A through J, on the left, faced no wait at the Cedar Ridge Avenue Park voting station on Oct. 24, 2015. Voters with last names K though Z, on the right, waited an hour to vote, due to a malfunctioning machine on that sid

Some voters in Baton Rouge at one location had to wait an hour to cast their ballots, while their neighbors at the same voting location faced no line, one voter said.

Around noon, people whose last names began with A through J were able to vote with out waiting at the gym at the BREC park at 13300 Cedar Ridge Avenue, the voter, Karen Martin, said. But all other residents waited an hour due to a malfunctioning voting booth on that side of the station, she said.

Martin is editor of the Advocate’s Eat Play Live section.

Martin said she was told the reason voters with last names K through Z couldn’t cast ballots in the open machines was because each book of names was tied to specific voting devices.

East Baton Rouge Parish clerk of court spokesman Fred Sliman confirmed a new voting machine had to be shipped to the Cedar Ridge Avenue location, but said he didn’t know how long voters were waiting for the fix.

He said the only other problem the clerk’s office handled Saturday was a neighborhood power outage at Wildwood Elementary School at 444 Halfway Tree Road. A generator was brought to that location to restore power to the voting station, he said.

Aside from a couple hiccups, he said, “it’s been a pretty smooth and steady day.”