Police patrols will increase in Baton Rouge at theaters, malls and other places where large numbers of people congregate, following the Thursday shooting at a Lafayette theater, Police Chief Carl Dabadie said Friday.

“It will be at all locations where large crowds gather,” Dabadie said Friday of increased patrols.

Baton Rouge police spokesman Cpl. L’Jean McKneely said the increased patrols will be temporary.

“We will have increased patrols through the weekend and into next week,” he said.

The patrols will continue through Monday or Tuesday and then police will reassess whether there is still a need for them, he said.

John Houser, 59, who suffered from mental health problems for many years, fatally shot two people and injured nine others before killing himself at a Lafayette theater. Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said Friday authorities have no motives in the killings.

McKneely said police do not suspect anything out of the ordinary but that these measures are just a precaution.