Baton Rouge man arrested in domestic abuse case, shouts threats at deputies and hospital workers, deputies say _lowres

Cory Ray

A Baton Rouge man shouted threats Saturday at medical staff and sheriff’s deputies at a hospital he was taken to for treatment of injuries he received in a domestic abuse case he’d been arrested in earlier, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office reported.

Corey Ray, 39, was taken to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center after medical staff at Parish Prison decided his injuries needed to be treated at the hospital, according to a Sheriff’s Office report. Ray became angry when he was not allowed to make a phone call, the report says.

He was denied a phone call because of safety concerns and because he had not yet been booked into jail, the report says.

According to the report, Ray told deputies: “It’s okay. I’m going to get you. I know you have a family and I’ll see you on the street. Believe that.”

Once he was at the hospital’s emergency room, Ray yelled and cursed to the point that “more medical and security staff was needed,” the report says. Several patients and their families were in the area and were “visibly upset,” the report says.

Ray screamed that he would “sue everyone for not being allowed to use the phone,” the report says.

Ray, 1045 Manson Drive, Baton Rouge, was booked into Parish Prison on counts of domestic abuse battery, public intimidation and disturbing the peace with offensive words. He remains in jail in lieu of $30,500 bail, according to online booking records.