East Baton Rouge Parish deputy Shawn Anderson was killed late Saturday night while conducting an investigation. He's well-known to many in the Baton Rouge community as the officer who, one year ago ago Sunday, helped deliver a baby on the side of a road.

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After the birth, Anderson said he and the other two deputies who stopped had just responded to reports nearby of shots fired when they came up on the couple.

Anderson, who had stayed behind at the apartment complex to finish his paperwork, said he rolled up on the parked van and wondered why the two deputies, Tarik Mokdaf and Jeffery Bennett, were parked in front and behind it. When the two saw Anderson, they walked over to him.

“I could tell something was different,” Anderson said. “They had a completely different look on their face.”

When they told Anderson that Walsh had gone into labor, he walked over to the couple and offered to escort them to the hospital, but Walsh said there was no time.

“I walked back to my truck and grabbed my gloves,” Anderson said, adding that the deputies asked him what they were going to do.

“We’re fixin’ to deliver a baby,” Anderson told them.

Walsh sat in the front passenger’s seat, and her husband consoled her from the driver’s seat.

Anderson said he had no formal training in delivering babies. He had only watched his wife give birth to his two children — one now 13 years old and the other 10 years old, he said.

“I paid attention,” Anderson said, but he added there was one moment of hesitation after Walsh bore her son.

“I had the baby in my right hand, and she says, ‘Please don’t let my baby die’ ” Anderson said. “I went mush in the brain.”

Anderson said he called for Emergency Medical Services and the Fire Department and then he turned back to Walsh.

“Your baby’s not going to die,” Anderson told her before he cleared the baby’s airway with his finger and patted its backside.

“It started wailing. I wrapped the baby up and put it on its mother,” Anderson said, after which EMS and the Fire Department showed up to take over.

“Once we stopped the vehicle it was not even five minutes before he was born,” Walsh said.