The parents of an infant found alone by police inside a squalid home described in a Baton Rouge police report as “extremely horrific” are now in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a range of counts, including cruelty to juveniles.

A bail bondsman stopping by the home, 4837 Underwood Drive, called police about 2:30 a.m. Monday after finding the door open, the police report says.

When officers went inside, they discovered a baby girl, roughly 1 year old, on a bed in the back bedroom in a filthy diaper that appeared not to have been changed in quite some time, the report says.

The “living conditions inside the residence were extremely horrific for any infant child,” an officer wrote in the report.

Spoiled, rotten food and animal feces were scattered throughout the home along with drug paraphernalia, the report says.

About an hour and a half after police officers arrived, Hollis Banks and Jasmine Rose, the infant’s parents, arrived at the home, the report says.

Immediately after Banks and Rose identified themselves as the homeowners and parents of the infant, police handcuffed both.

Rose, 24, struggled with police as she was led to a waiting patrol car, kicking and pushing an officer, the report says.

Police booked Rose and Banks, 25, into Parish Prison on counts of cruelty to juveniles, child desertion and criminal abandonment.

Rose also was booked on one count of resisting an officer by force.

Officers also contacted the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, which dispatched an investigator “to examine the horrific living conditions,” the police report says.

After concluding the investigation, the investigator released the infant to the child’s grandmother, who’d since arrived at the house, the report says.