Calvin Weatherford

NAPOLEONVILLE — An Assumption Parish in-house trusty who scaled a fence and escaped from parish jail early Wednesday tried to evade arriving law enforcement officers Thursday by jumping into a Pointe Coupee Parish bayou, sheriff's deputies said. 

As law enforcement converged on the home of Calvin T. Weatherford Jr.'s father, Weatherford ran out his dad's mobile home, jumped into Bayou Chanel and treaded water for a time until a deputy reached him and could arrest him, Assumption sheriff's deputies said in a statement.

Assumption Parish Sheriff Leland Falcon has opened an internal probe to find out how Weatherford, who had been held at the Assumption Parish Detention Center on two counts of simple burglary and a probation violation, escaped shortly after 3 a.m. Wednesday from the jail off La. 1008 near Napoleonville.

Once free, deputies said, Weatherford stole a GMC Yukon near La. 70.

Commander Lonny Cavalier said Sheriff Falcon is resolved "to make sure (such an escape) doesn't happen again." 

Cavalier said Weatherford, as an in-house trusty, was working on a laundry detail near the jail's motor pool early Wednesday morning. The area, which the general jail population cannot reach, is protected by a 7-foot high fence topped with razor wire.

When captured Thursday afternoon in Pointe Coupee, Weatherford did not appear to have been cut by the razor wire; there were signs at the jail that he threw something over the sharp wire to avoid injury when he scaled the fence, Cavalier said.

Cavalier added that other fences around the jail, where the general prison population does have access, are much higher. Cavalier said that Weatherford, as an in-house trusty, was not allowed to work outside the jail on work details, such as jail road crews.

Sheriff's deputies said authorities had determined Thursday morning, based on tips from the public, that Weatherford was at a relative's home in Erwinville in West Baton Rouge Parish but then tracked him to his dad's mobile home in Jarreau. 

Weatherford, 39, 932 Bayou Drive, Pierre Part, is expected to be booked into Pointe Coupee Parish jail as a fugitive but will be returned to Assumption Parish later.

In addition to an escape count, Weatherford is expected to face counts of auto theft over the stolen Yukon, two counts of attempted burglary of two other vehicles, and criminal damage to property.

Falcon said sheriff's deputies in Pointe Coupee, West Baton Rouge and Iberville parishes and Louisiana State Police aided in Weatherford's capture.

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