Lightning struck a home in the Santa Maria subdivision Tuesday afternoon, sparking a fire in the attic.

St. George Fire Department spokesman Eldon Ledoux said the residents of the 19403 Cape Hart Court home immediately called the Fire Department, thus helped prevent any injuries. Even the family cat was unharmed.

The residents put two calls through to the department, Ledoux said, first to investigate the lightning strike, which blew a hole through their roof, and then to report smoke coming from their attic.

Firefighters got the fire under control just nine minutes after the first fire truck arrived around 4 p.m. The fire caused about $150,000 in damage, Ledoux said in an email.

Once the fire was subdued, firefighters covered the hole in the roof with a tarp. Fire damage to the house was limited to the attic, and the kitchen and living areas sustained only water damage.