Baton Rouge woman accused of beating daughter with two-by-four, broom, switch and a belt _lowres

Catina McDowell

A Baton Rouge woman is accused of breaking a broomstick and a switch on her 14-year-old daughter before continuing to strike the teenager with a belt and a 2-by-4-inch board in a beating sometime in August in a confrontation over the daughter’s conversations with a boy.

Catina McDowell, 34, of the 5200 block of Glen Oaks Drive, was arrested Wednesday on a count of cruelty to a juvenile after her daughter told an employee at school about the beating, according to police documents.

McDowell beat her daughter on the neck and arms with a wooden broomstick and a switch until both had broken, the arrest documents say, and then continued the beating with a belt. After deciding the belt wasn’t inflicting enough pain, McDowell then picked up a two-by-four and struck her daughter several times on the right leg, the documents say.

Following her arrest, McDowell admitted to Baton Rouge police she’d used a belt on her daughter but denied striking her daughter with a broomstick or plank.