A Clinton man accused of killing three men and wounding another did plumbing work for the surviving victim’s family, according to a report.

WBRZ reported that 36-year-old Ryan Sharpe performed plumbing work on Jason Hornsby’s property and was there as recently as last week. Jason Hornsby is the cousin of Buck Hornsby, a 47-year-old man who was shot on Sept. 12 while exercising near the roadside of his property on La. 63. Hornsby was injured in the shooting but survived.

After Hornsby was shot, Sharpe asked Jason Hornsby how his cousin was doing and told him the situation was “crazy,” according to the WBRZ report.

“He was doing work on an outdoor kitchen,” Jason Hornsby told the news station. “It is mind boggling he was on our property the whole time.”

Jason Hornsby said that Sharpe had his family’s gate code. He said that Sharpe came to work on time and was referred by some in the community for his history of good work.

Buck Hornsby's daughter, Bailey Hornsby, 23, told The Advocate Thursday afternoon that her dad remembered maybe meeting Sharpe once but otherwise didn't know him personally. She also said Sharpe recently did some plumbing work on her uncle's house, which is adjacent to her family's property outside Clinton.

She said her family was relieved to hear about the arrest but simultaneously baffled as to why Sharpe would have allegedly shot four people, none of whom he seems to have any direct connection to.

"I'm just trying to figure out this dude's thought process," she said. "This is just so weird — it's freaking nuts."

In a town as small as Clinton, Hornsby said a lot of people know each other. Her family is close with the family of Thomas Bass, who was shot and killed outside his home the morning of July 8, but not connected to any of the other victims aside from possibly having seen them around town.

Hornsby said above all she and her parents and siblings are happy to see police making progress on the case. After her dad was shot, Hornsby said her mom used extra blankets to cover the windows of their house for added security.

"This morning when I woke up, the curtains were down and it was such a beautiful day out," she said. "That made me feel good, to know that (my parents) are at peace again."

Stephanie Breeden, the daughter-in-law of Carroll Breeden, told The Advocate that no one in her family had hired or used Sharpe for plumbing work. Carroll Breeden, 66, was killed Sept. 19 as he sprayed weeds by the road in the front yard of his Pride home, just over the parish line from Clinton.

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Law enforcement apprehended Sharpe on Wednesday after a car chase. Officials said he was developed as a person of interest in the recent shootings and law enforcement officers had been watching his home. They followed him after he left on Wednesday, and the chase ensued, ending at Lee Price Road in Clinton.

He later confessed to the shootings, authorities said.

Read the full WBRZ report here.