Baton Rouge mom arrested, accused of punching 12-year-old son’s head, face in argument _lowres

Lacey Jaslaine Young

A Baton Rouge woman, who is the wife to a correctional officer, was arrested Thursday after she was accused of beating her 12-year-old son on Jan. 2 after she “blacked out.”

Lacey Jaslaine Young’s son arrived at school Wednesday with bruises on his head and face, and he initially told school administration at Copper Mill Elementary School he suffered the injuries during a football game, the Zachary Police Department report says.

Later, the boy told the Zachary Community School District counselor that his mother got mad at him on Jan. 2 because he was not taking care of his 2-year-old brother. His mother “blacked out,” he told the counselor, and forced him down on the kitchen floor at their Cypress Park Drive home, straddled and struck him in the face and head with a clinched fist.

When a worker at the Office of Child and Family Services talked to the boy, he said Young had told him to take care of the 2-year-old while she cooked dinner. Instead, he left the house, the report says.

Young found the boy and took him back inside, at which point she started fussing at him. When the victim started to cry, Young covered his mouth with her hands.

The 12-year-old began to fight his mother, he told officials, and she “blacked out,” though the report does not say why. Young then began beating the child, the report says.

Afterward, he was placed in a cold shower to help with the swelling and bruising, and ice packs were put on his injuries, the report says.

Young corroborated her son’s story and told police she would never do it again. When her husband was questioned, he told police he came home to find his son injured and that Young told him what happened.

He told investigators he didn’t report the beating, though, because he was afraid he would lose his job as a correctional officer, the report says.

Young was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a count of cruelty to juveniles.