A man wanted for trying to grab a gun from a bail bondsman and pointing it at his chest and firing but missing was arrested Tuesday by the Louisiana State Police, according to an arrest warrant.

Jackie Jackson, 34, 5766 Peerless St., was booked Tuesday with attempted second-degree murder, according to parish jail records.

The incident occurred last year on Sept. 22 at 4900 Paige St., according to the warrant.

According to the warrant, Baton Rouge Police contacted the victim about finding Jackson.

The victim tried to take Jackson into custody when he saw him sitting in a Silver Ford Explorer. Jackson had a bond forfeiture, the warrant says.

The victim put one handcuff on Jackson’s left wrist.

An unknown passenger in the Explorer got out of the vehicle, approached the victim and yelled at him to let Jackson go, the warrant says.

The victim then pulled a gun, fearing for his safety, and told the passenger to get back.

Jackson then grabbed the victim’s gun and tried to point it at him, the warrant says.

The victim then ejected the loaded magazine from the gun during the struggle which left just one bullet, the warrant says.

While the victim and Jackson struggled for the gun, the weapon fired into the ground, the warrant says.

The victim was not hit.

After the the firing of the gun, Jackson ran from the scene and had not been caught until Tuesday, the warrant says.