Insurance fraud investigators have concluded a three-year probe and arrested a Baton Rouge woman for filing three bogus insurance or disability claims that netted her $42,355 since October 2011, State Police reported.

Cassandra Bickham, 41, filed altered and forged documents to collect from her insurers for short-term disability benefits, purportedly stolen stereo equipment and bogus hail damage to her vehicle that was actually made by hand, Louisiana State Police said in a news release Thursday.

Bickham was booked Wednesday into Parish Prison with three counts of insurance fraud, 27 counts of forgery and theft in the amount of $36,060, troopers said.

Bickham’s bail was set at $34,500.

Troopers said Bickham filed for short-term disability in October 2011 but supported the claim with altered and forged documents. She was able to collect $36,060 in benefits through June 2014.

The fraudulent stolen stereo equipment claim from July 2013 was for $2,175, while the hail damage claim from April 2014 brought in another $4,120, troopers said.