A woman accused of beating her young son with a belt at the flood-relief shelter at Celtic Studios in Baton Rouge was arrested Wednesday in an incident that also prompted a child welfare investigation, a State Police report says.

Keaire Lahauna Hatton, 21, was seen striking the boy with a belt in an outdoor area of the shelter near the restroom and shower trailers, according to the report. The shelter is located at 10000 Celtic Drive.

A trooper wrote in the account that he was working at the shelter when he heard a child's loud cries and screams. The trooper also wrote he noticed Hatton, who had a leather belt on her shoulder, dragging the boy across the concrete floor and out a door.

Outside, some people began pointing to the trailer area, the trooper wrote.

Behind a trailer, the trooper spotted Hatton standing over the small child, holding the belt, threatening, "You want me to give you something to cry about?"

The lawman called out to Hatton, approached her and took away her belt, according to the report. Hatton, shouting profane language, twisted her body away while being arrested and spit in the trooper's face, in view of other children and adults at the shelter, the report says.

At least one witness cited in the report said they had seen Hatton throw the boy to the ground and strike him several times with a belt.

Representatives of the state Department of Children and Family Services found a small welt and abrasion on the child's right leg immediately after the incident, and the agency also opened an invest probe into the situation, according to the report.

Hatton, who last resided at 3151 Pampas St., was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on counts of cruelty to juveniles, resisting an officer and disturbing the peace. Her bail has not been set as of Thursday afternoon.

DCFS spokeswoman Grace Weber said the child was placed with a relative. She added that DCFS has child welfare staff on site 24 hours a day at the shelter in partnership with the Red Cross.

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