A new scam is being reported to police, one in which people are told they won money or a car that they can claim if they purchase a Green Dot prepaid credit card, a Baton Rouge police spokesman said.

The person is told to put a specific amount of money on the card and give the caller the card number.

“The victim is told that the winnings will be delivered to their home,” Cpl. L’Jean McKneely said. “This never happens.”

McKneely said police have received several complaints from people over the past several months about this type of scam.

He said the calls mostly come from the 876 area code in Jamaica, which is known as a hotbed for phone scams and fraud.

“The callers are sophisticated con artists that prey on the elderly,” McKneely said, adding about 30,000 calls are made from Jamaica each year to scam Americans.

Anyone who is a victim of this fraud is asked to call Baton Rouge police’s Financial Crimes Division at (225) 389-3871.