Police said they arrested a 17-year-old after he and a friend pointed pistols at a woman whose car they had just broken into.

Kevin Davis is accused of breaking into a woman’s car Monday with another man outside Belaire High School and then both pointing cocked pistols at the woman when she asked why they had done it, the Baton Rouge Police Department report says.

The two men both pointed pistols at the victim, cocked them and told her they owned the area and did not need to steal, the report says.

The victim called police and showed them a Facebook picture of Davis and the other man posing with guns in their hands, according to the report.

Detectives found both men walking just south of Belaire High School in a school zone and took them into custody. Davis told detectives he and the victim had words about the burglary but denied pointing a gun at her, though he had a silver pistol with him that matched the description the victim gave.

During the interview, Davis also told detectives he was sleeping at a vacant apartment near the scene of the break-in, the report says. Investigators found the front window of the apartment busted and the stove still hot from Davis having used it to heat the apartment during the night.

Officials at Belaire High School would not say whether Davis or the victim was a student.

Davis, 12254 La Margie, Apt. 67, was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on aggravated assault and burglary.