East Baton Rouge Parish animal control officials are investigating the discovery Monday of a dead, malnourished horse on Metro Airport property.

Animal Control Director Hilton Cole said the 700-pound or so black horse appeared severely malnourished, to the point of emaciation.

The horse, a gelding, looked 300 pounds or so under weight, Cole said.

Cole said he thinks the horse was already dead when it was dropped off on the property. He said animal control officers looked for a gunshot wound but found none.

The horse had a micro chip placed inside that has connected the horse to a previous owner in the Tangipahoa Parish area, Cole said.

“Of course we don’t know at this point when that person owned the horse. It could have been a year ago or three weeks ago. The horse could have been stolen,” Cole said.

Cole said the horse was discovered by Metro Airport police officers who then called Cole.

Cole said the horse was found with its rear legs tied and it appeared the horse had been pushed off the back of a truck.

Airport police officers found the horse in the middle of a portion of old Plank Road, which is now owned by the airport.

An investigation into what happened to the horse and how it got there is under way, Cole said.