Police seek Baton Rouge man accused of terrorizing former employer, threatening to 'shoot this place up' _lowres


Authorities are looking for a man accused of stealing paychecks from his former employer, then threatening to “shoot this place up,” the Baton Rouge Police Department reported.

Arthur Robinson, 22, is accused of taking paychecks from a register at Schlittz and Giggles, a Ferndale Avenue restaurant where he’d been terminated from his job, the warrant for his arrest says.

A manager saw the incident, which took place on June 7, and told Robinson he wasn’t allowed to take anything from the business, the warrant states.

Robinson responded: “I can do what I want. I’m not done here. I’ll come back and shoot this place up,” according to the warrant.

Later that day and several times over the next week, Robinson was seen slowly driving by the restaurant, then speeding away, the warrant says. Worried that Robinson meant to carry out his threat, restaurant managers hired off-duty police officers to work security at all times, the warrant says.

Robinson has spoken to police by phone, but has refused to meet with them in person, according to the warrant, which says he faces one count of terrorizing.

Robinson, 1233 South 16th St., has previously been arrested for illegal carrying of weapons, the warrant says.