A Baton Rouge man who turned himself in after his girlfriend was shot multiple times while she sat in the bathtub in late February pleaded not guilty Wednesday to a charge of attempted second-degree murder, the East Baton Rouge District Attorney's Office reported. 

Carl Thompson Jr., 46, is accused of shooting 41-year-old Angela Gabriel multiple times, paralyzing her from the chest down. She said Thompson is the father of two of Gabriel's children. 

Thompson's lawyer, Mark Simmons, said he hopes the case can move forward in a way that is "best for both parties." 

"I understand the circumstances but until I see the evidence, I cannot determine what we're looking at," Simmons said. He said they are open to entering a plea bargain but will go to trial, if necessary. Thompson added that he does not believe his client is guilty of the current charge. 

Gabriel said she hopes Thompson will not take the case to trial.

Thompson called police from Gabriel's house on the 4600 block of Lake Lawford Court the day of the incident and surrendered on the front porch, according to his arrest report.

Gabriel, a mother of four and real estate agent, was hit in the chest and right arm 10 times, she said. Their youngest child, a 1-year-old with Down Syndrome, was on the bed in the master bedroom at the time of the shooting, Gabriel said. 

Thompson, 8508 Greenwell Springs Road Apt. 7, remains in Parish Prison.

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