A Baton Rouge convicted felon was sentenced to more than seven years in prison after he was convicted of possession a gun and of violating terms of his supervised release in an earlier conviction.

U.S. Attorney Walt Green said Nairie Chaney, 58, was sentenced to 91 months — or seven and a half years.

Chaney was seen throwing a loaded .38 caliber pistol out of a car that was being stopped for a traffic violation. He was the passenger of the car, Green said. Chaney had previously been convicted of multiple federal and state crimes which prohibited him from ever possessing any type of firearm.

Chaney was on supervised release at the time of the traffic stop and was sentenced to 18 months for violating terms of his release. In addition, U.S. District Judge Shelly D. Dick sentenced him Thursday to 73 months on the weapons charge.

“These valuable prosecutions are a key component of a broader effort by federal, state, and local law enforcement to reduce deadly gun violence from our streets,” Green said. “This lengthy prison sentence will keep another violent offender out of our neighborhoods for many years, and hopefully reinforce the message that convicted felons who illegally acquire and possess guns will face stiff penalties.”