Spencer Hebert

A Baton Rouge woman told police her son threatened to burn her eye out with a cigarette after showing up at her home on Wednesday.

The man, 31-year-old Spencer Hebert, had previously been banned from the home and his mother told police that she was afraid of him because he gets aggressive with her and other family members when he drinks, according to a Baton Rouge Police Department report.

She told police she armed herself with a metal rod when her showed up at her door on Wednesday.

A neighbor told police that he and Hebert got into a fight as he was walking from a store because Hebert kept taunting him and threatening him. Hebert told police he was going to the store to get beer, the police report states.

Hebert, of 5285 Osbourne Ave., Baton Rouge, was booked into Parish Prison on Thursday on aggravated assault, terrorizing, disturbing the peace by public intoxication, simple battery, and entering and remaining after forbidden.