Police: Finding 22 pounds of cocaine found on Baton Rouge Megabus shows new way to move narcotics _lowres

Cocaine wrapped inside black electrical tape seized inside a Megabus on August 3, 2015 by Baton Rouge narcotics detectives.

Hitting upon what police say might be an emerging way to transport drugs, narcotics detectives last week seized about 22 pounds of cocaine on a Megabus in Baton Rouge.

The cocaine, divided into several packets wrapped in black electrical tape, was found on board the express bus stopped in downtown Baton Rouge during a routine training session with drug-sniffing police dogs on Aug. 3, said Baton Rouge Police spokesman Lt. Jonny Dunnam.

No one claimed the drugs found inside unmarked luggage, Dunnam said, nor did police make any arrests.

Using the Megabus — an international discount bus company connecting many major cities — is cropping up as a method of trafficking drugs nationwide, he said.

“It’s kind of a new concept that recently started,” he said. “Obviously if they found 10 kilos on it, I’m sure drug dealers would use any opportunity they can to transport drugs across the country.”

From Baton Rouge, Megabus provides direct service to New Orleans, Houston and San Antonio. All of its buses passing through Baton Rouge stop on Florida Street between Third and Lafayette streets, where the seizure took place. Dunnam said he didn’t know if anyone outside the bus was questioned, or how many passengers it was carrying.

The investigation into the drug seizure is ongoing, Dunnam said.

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