Argument turns rough, girlfriend accused of setting clothes on fire, smashing truck window, slashing boyfriend’s hand _lowres

Susan Wesley

A couple’s argument Sunday turned destructive after a Baton Rouge woman allegedly smashed her boyfriend’s truck windshield with a shovel, doused a pile of his clothes in lighter fluid and slashed him in the hand with a kitchen knife.

East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s deputies arrested Susan Ramona Wesley, 35, of the 12100 block of Troy Street, and booked her into Parish Prison on counts of domestic battery, attempted simple arson, aggravated battery, disturbing the peace and criminal damage to property.

The rampage was touched off during an argument Sunday while the couple, who lived together, were out buying supplies for a party. According to police documents, Wesley started swinging her arms at her boyfriend after the couple got back home and damaged his television. As the boyfriend gathered clothes and other belongings and tried to leave, Wesley allegedly picked up a shovel and smashed his truck’s windshield and dented and scraped the passenger-side door before soaking his clothes in lighter fluid and attempting to set them on fire. According to police, Wesley then allegedly picked up a kitchen knife and slashed his hand, causing him to bleed profusely, and scratched him on the face.

The report also notes that Wesley allegedly bent a knife in a failed attempt to slash one of the truck’s tires.

According to the report, the victim — who estimated total damage to his property at $3,040 — smashed the back window of Wesley’s car at some point during the argument. After being arrested, Wesley admitted to damaging the property but denied having hit or slashed her boyfriend during the fight and claimed he’d choked her earlier in the fight, though deputies didn’t notice any visible injuries.

The boyfriend, identified as Jashae Williams, 34, was issued a summons by deputies for simple criminal damage to property.