Baton Rouge Police: Man fleeing a robbery scene kicks and punches police dog _lowres

Donald Carter

A Baton Rouge man is accused of punching and kicking a police dog after holding up a gas station Thursday morning.

The incident began at 4:35 a.m. when police saw Donald Ray Carter robbing the Chevron gas station at 6103 Florida Blvd., according to the arrest report.

Officers were driving past the business when they saw a store clerk running after Carter with a baseball bat, the report says.

Carter, 18, was carrying a metal box and had his face covered with a bandana, police said.

As police chased him, Carter jumped into a drainage canal along Ardenwood Drive, where a police dog eventually caught up with him, the report says.

He punched and kicked the dog, but was soon taken down by the canine, police said.

Carter, 650 N. Acadian Drive, Apt. 1413, was booked into Parish Prison on counts of armed robbery, resisting an officer and injuring or killing a police dog.