Man accused of kidnapping ex-girlfriend, holding her hostage at Baton Rouge WalMart for four hours _lowres

Alvin Young III, 49

Baton Rouge Police arrested 49-year-old man accused of abducting his ex-girlfriend and holding her hostage in his van for four hours in a Baton Rouge WalMart parking lot early Monday morning.

Alvin Young III, 1125 Lombard St., New Iberia, punched the woman several times in the face in the parking lot of her apartment complex and threw her into his van, a Baton Rouge Police report says.

Young, armed with a shotgun, held the woman by the hair and threatened to kill her as he drove her six miles to a WalMart, the report says.

He then held her in the van, refusing to open the doors, until his daughter arrived four hours later, the report says.

Young’s daughter told police he was holding the shotgun when she arrived at the WalMart and he initially refused to open the door or release the victim, the report says.

When he eventually did open the door, the daughter took the shotgun from him, and the woman he’d been holding captive escaped from the van, the report says.

The victim, who suffered two black eyes, a cut to her nose, bruising to her head and scratches on her face, was taken to a hospital where she spoke with detectives and identified the attacker.

Police booked Young into Parish Prison on Wednesday afternoon on counts of second-degree kidnapping, aggravated assault with a firearm, domestic abuse battery and felon in possession of a firearm.

The report notes Young has previous criminal convictions for aggravated second-degree battery and second-degree battery as well as three drug-related convictions.

Bail for Young, who remained in jail Thursday evening, has not been set.