Baton Rouge firefighters returned to a warehouse on North Foster Drive Friday for the third day in row to spray down smoldering materials left over from a large fire Wednesday night at the rubber facility.

The warehouse at 2655 North Foster Drive, formerly the Capitol Steel building and now home to Creative Rubber LLC, caught fire around 9 p.m. Wednesday and was not brought under control until 12:19 a.m., said Baton Rouge Fire Department spokesman Curt Monte. Ten fire units were on the scene to put out the blaze.

Fire crews returned to the warehouse Thursday and Friday because product inside the building — what Monte described as powdery, fine rubber substance — was still burning from the original fire. The product is in piles inside the building.

“Basically we’re just pulling the rest of the product in the building out and spraying it down,” Monte said. “It’s a matter of moving it around and making sure everything burning under (the piles) is out.”

Firefighters arrived at the warehouse around noon Friday and were still on site as of 2:30 p.m. They were also at the facility for a few hours on Thursday, he said.

No one was injured during the fire Wednesday night, Monte said, as the rubber facility was closed at the time. The cause of the fire is unknown and currently under investigation.

The fire caused a total $140,000 in damage to the warehouse, he said.