Baton Rouge man accused of raping woman he met through social media _lowres

Matthew Melancon, 25, was arrested Saturday on one count of forcible rape.

A Baton Rouge man accused of raping a woman he met through social media was arrested Saturday and booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

Matthew Melancon, 25, is accused of pinning the victim down and having anal and vaginal intercourse with her despite her resistance, an East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office report says. He was booked with forcible rape.

He told Sheriff’s Office detectives that he and the woman had consensual sex and admitted holding down her hand, but said he did not feel he used force to prevent her from moving.

Melancon and the victim communicated online for four to five months before she gave Melancon her phone number and they arranged a meeting, the report says.

He picked her up on June 28 and took her to his home. According to the report, the victim said she told Melancon she was “just looking for friends to hang out with and was not interested in a sexual relationship.”

At Melancon’s home, the victim said she was given what she believed to be a Xanax pill and took half of it, the report says. Soon after, she fell asleep.

The victim said she woke up to Melancon trying to forcibly penetrate her mouth, then anus and vagina, even though she repeatedly told him to stop, the report says. Once Melancon let her up, he took her home, and the victim contacted authorities the next day.

Melancon, of 15717 Profit Ave., was picked up Saturday for questioning by Sheriff’s Office detectives who told him a rape kit was performed on the victim and DNA sample would be collected from him.