Christopher Butler

A Baton Rouge man minding a 1-year-old boy admitted to whipping the child with his belt because he was crying Saturday, according to an East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office report.

The child's mother, who had taken her other children on an outing, returned to the home to find the boy had a knot on his head and a swollen lip, according to the report. Investigators also noticed welts on the boy's stomach and back.

At first, the man, 30-year-old Christopher Butler, said the boy injured himself in a fall. Later, investigators say, Butler admitted he whipped the baby on his back, stomach and head because he was crying.

Butler told investigators he then put the child in his bed and went to the living room to play a video game before hearing a boom and finding the child on the floor, face down.

He said must have hit the child on the head with the belt buckle and he didn't mean to hit him hard, the report says.

The mother had left the child with Butler to take her other children and friends to a park. It is unclear what Butler's relationship is to the child.

Butler, of 6849 Preimeter Drive, Baton Rouge, was booked in Parish Prison on Saturday on a count of cruelty to a juvenile.