Four years after holding up a Chase Bank branch at gunpoint and successfully escaping, a 26-year-old Baton Rouge man turned himself in to authorities and confessed to the crime, a Sheriff’s Office report says.

John Woodrow Mendoza, 13675 Coursey Blvd., told an East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputy on Saturday he was behind the Nov. 17, 2011, armed robbery of a Chase Bank on Jones Creek Road and an attempted robbery of a Regions Bank branch later the same day, the report says.

Mendoza walked into the Chase branch with a pistol, a black “sheer-type cloth” over his face and a white plastic bag, which he handed to a teller.

“Give me all the money,” the report says he told the teller.

The teller stuffed cash in the bag while Mendoza counted down from 12, the report says, before making off with cash “in excess of $1,000,” the report says.

Mendoza then walked into a Regions Bank location a couple of blocks down Jones Creek Road carrying the same bag of cash but ran off after a teller screamed at him to get out, the report says.

A trail of “assorted bills” on both sides of a wooden fence pointed out Mendoza’s escape route from the bank’s parking lot toward the nearby Ivy Park apartments, the report says.

While confessing to Sheriff’s Office detectives, the report says Mendoza — who matches the physical description of the culprit — went into specific details about his planning, intentions and escape plan, including listing of specific details of conversations during the robberies that only a small handful of witnesses and law enforcement officers would know, the report says.

The report does not say why Mendoza decided to turn himself in.

Mendoza was booked into Parish Prison on one count of armed bank robbery and one count of attempted armed bank robbery. His bail is set at $110,000.