East Feliciana Sheriff Jeff Travis said while he's glad the alleged shooter who killed three men and wounded another is in custody, he knows it's still a difficult time for the small community.

"Although the killer has been taken off the streets, it really is still a sad day for our community," Travis said. "Three families have lost loved ones and our whole community has been shaken... I ask for everyone's prayers... and hopefully through these prayers we will overcome this tragedy together."

Travis declined to comment on the other physical evidence important in the case that was mentioned by law enforcement late Tuesday, or on the shooter's possible motive. Law enforcement apprehended Ryan Sharpe, 36, on Wednesday after a car chase. 

Law enforcement on Wednesday night said he was developed as a person of interest and law enforcement officers had been watching his home. They followed him after he left, and the chase ensued, ending at Lee Price Road in Clinton. He later confessed to the shootings, authorities said. 

"We believe that (Sharpe) is the shooter, obviously, but whether or not he had any help, we continue to investigate," Travis said. He would not say if officials have identified any other people of interest in the shootings.

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Stephanie Breeden, Carroll Breeden's daughter-in-law, said their family is feeling a lot of relief knowing the person who's been committing the crimes has been caught.

"I'm glad to know it was not multiple people (shooting)," Stephanie Breeden said. "I'm glad to hear that it wasn't a group that they were looking for."

Stephanie Breeden said, as far as she knows, her family did not know Sharpe or his extended family.

"I can only imagine someone who would do something like that would have some kind of mental illness, but there's absolutely nothing I have to go by to say for sure one way or another," she said.

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