Police on Friday night named a suspect in the rape of a girl found gagged in a drainage ditch earlier this week.

Robert Jacobs, 31, of the 8200 block of East Belvin Avenue in Baton Rouge, will face a count of first-degree rape and sexual battery once he’s located, Baton Rouge Police spokesman Cpl. Don Coppola said in a news release. Jacobs is a registered sex offender, Coppola said.

A 15-year-old girl was spotted Tuesday by passers-by who reported to authorities the teenager was gagged in a canal near 11,000 N. 44th St. at 1:19 p.m. that day.

A Baton Rouge Police arrest warrant for Jacobs issued Friday says the girl was crossing from North 43rd Street to North 44th Street across a bridge over a canal when three males walked past her in the opposite direction. One of them grabbed her bottom, but she swatted his hand away, prompting the attacker to push her off the bridge, according to the document. She fell about three feet onto a ledge at the top of the canal, the warrant says.

The girl said she was raped by two of the males while she yelled “stop,” according to the document. The third male videotaped the assault on a cellphone, she told authorities. After one of the assailants said, “I think I hear somebody,” the three fled, but not before tying a red cloth around the girl’s mouth and face, the warrant says.

“The victim stated that she didn’t feel like she could move so she laid on the canal ledge all night until someone noticed her and called for help,” the document says.

The girl had been reported as a runaway the night prior to the attack. After DNA collected from the girl’s body showed a match for Jacob, she was able to identify him in a lineup, the warrant says.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Jacobs or any other information regarding this incident is urged to contact the Baton Rouge Police Special Victims Unit at (225) 389-3853 or Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-7867.