East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore III said Thursday evening that his office has filed delinquency petitions against a juvenile alleging cruelty to an animal in response to a viral video that shows two dogs being mistreated.

Moore said in a statement that he could not release additional information about the case because juvenile matters are closed to the public unless identified as crimes of violence under state law. 

"Therefore, no comment can be made as to this particular offense, the alleged offender and the specifics of this case," Moore said. "Rest assured, we will zealously pursue this matter through final adjudication."

The video, which appears to have been recorded on a cellphone, shows a young man or teenager swinging two small dogs on a leash on a residential street. After swinging the dogs around in a circle for several seconds, he launches them into the air causing them to cry out before they land in the middle of the street.

The dogs are seen running down the street before the video cuts off. Officials said Monday that the two dogs were back in the safety of their owners and in good health.

The video was heavily circulated Sunday night and Monday morning on social media and beyond, with many animal advocacy groups calling for swift action from law enforcement.

"We take animal cruelty cases very seriously at this office and will seek justice in all such cases," Moore said. "I appreciate all of the calls, letters, emails and posts that have been sent regarding the allegations reported in the news and on social media."

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