Jeremy Jones

A Baton Rouge man was arrested Wednesday in the rape of a woman after he was asked to leave her home, but returned without her consent and assaulted her, according to Baton Rouge police. 

Jeremy Jones, 36, is accused of taking advantage of a woman too drunk to consent and telling her later they had sex after she had no memory of the act, according to his arrest report. 

The woman became intoxicated at an event with her family, slurring her speech and falling asleep at a restaurant, the report says, so a family member drove her home and left her in her bed to sleep.

A short time later, Jones let himself into the home without consent, entered her bedroom and had sex with her while she was "in a drunken stupor," the report says. 

The victim said she had no recollection of the act; Jones called her later that day and told her what had happened, the report says. 

During a later recorded phone call between Jones and the victim, Jones said he was worried about the woman because he heard she was really drunk, so he came over to check on her, bringing her Gatorade and potassium, the report says. 

He was told to leave by a relative of the victim, but he later came back to the residence after the relative left and entered the woman's bedroom, the report says. 

He did not deny having sex with her, but said he did not hurt her, the report says. At one point, he helped her vomit in a trashcan by the bed, the report says. 

He also "continuously denied" knowing how drunk the woman was during the incident, the report says. 

Jones, 14405 Jamestown Blvd., was booked into Parish Prison late Wednesday on a count of third-degree rape. 

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