Sherleara Basco and Darnell Aguillard

Sherleara Basco (left) and Darnell Aguillard 

A man and a woman from Baton Rouge were arrested Thursday after allegedly ambushing and threatening to kill an elderly woman over a drug debt, according to Baton Rouge police records.

Sherleara Basco and Darnell Aguillard, both 40 and of 7141 Calumet St., were arrested in the incident, which occurred on Aug. 3 at Oak Park Plaza, a senior living home at 947 N. Bon Marche Drive. 

The incident began, according to booking documents, when Basco approached the facility and was allowed in by the elderly woman. The woman told police she knew Basco because her mother also resided at the facility. 

Aguillard, who is in a relationship with Basco, could then be seen on video running to the third floor and entering the elderly woman's room, who was riding the elevator up with Basco. 

The woman told police that when she and Basco entered the room, Aguillard demanded she pay $300 she owed for drugs they had "fronted her," according to the report. The woman said when she told Aguillard she didn't have the money, he punched her in the face twice, then picked her up and forced her against the wall with his hand around her neck, police said. 

He then allegedly held a fingernail file to her eye, then to her neck and said "I outta kill you right now," according to the police report. He then allegedly told the woman they would come back later that day, and threatened to kill her if she didn't have the money. 

The pair allegedly took $140 and the woman's debit card before leaving the building together.

The woman told police that she canceled her debit card after the encounter, but feared for her life. 

Aguillard and Basco were both booked with counts of unauthorized entry into a business, aggravated burglary and crime against and elderly person.

Aguillard was held on $60,000 bond and Basco was held on $87,000 bond.