Sheriff’s Office: Man arrested on stalking count after following ex-girlfriend to work, calling her, sending text messages _lowres

David Davis, 27

East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s deputies arrested a 27-year-old man Sunday on a count of stalking after he repeatedly called an ex-girlfriend, sent text messages, showed up at her place of work and followed her around town, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

The victim told deputies that she’d asked David Davis, 9627 Scotswood Drive, multiple times to stop contacting her but continued to receive voice mail and text messages from him in which he asked to speak with her and professed his love, the report says.

The woman’s boss banned Davis from returning to her work place, the report says, noting that multiple police reports were filed earlier this month when Davis allegedly showed up at her job and followed her after she left work.

When deputies went to Davis’ home to speak with him about the complaints, he fled out the back door, the report says. He was later arrested at his father’s house.

While being questioned by detectives, Davis admitted to repeatedly sending her text messages and calling the woman because “he loved her and needed closure,” the report says.

Davis also admitted to following the woman to a gas station after spotting her stopped at a red light because he believed “it was a sign from God that he saw her.”

Davis “stated that he just wanted a chance to talk … in person so that they could end their relationship on good terms and be friends one day,” the report says.

Davis was booked into Parish Prison on counts of stalking, improper telephone communications and resisting an officer. Bail is set at $5,000.