Baton Rouge Police: Baby’s femur broken in wreck while dad escapes shooters in ‘crack run’ gone bad _lowres

Melvin Robinson

A five-month-old girl suffered a broken femur, injured as her father got into a wreck escaping gunshots during an unsuccessful “crack run” Wednesday night, a police report says.

Melvin James Robinson, 24, arrested Thursday afternoon, originally told staff at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center the baby had fallen from a bed, a Baton Rouge Police report says. Police and the medical staff agreed Robinson’s story was likely after detectives visited Robinson’s home, and no arrest was made.

Later that evening, the hospital called the detective after the mother of the child came in and told the medical staff the baby had actually been injured in a car wreck. The woman told staff and police she was afraid to tell the truth because Robinson might hurt her like he had before, the report says.

The woman told officials Robinson had injured her ribs by punching her in the stomach during the summer and he had punched her in the face and choked her on Christmas Day when she wanted to take the baby to her grandmother’s house.

While she told police she had never seen Robinson hit the five-month-old before, she did say he had shaken the girl out of frustration, the report says.

Police questioned Robinson, who changed his story. He told detectives he was in a wreck around 11 p.m. Wednesday when he took his daughter with him “on a crack run,” the report says. He had borrowed a vehicle from someone promising to return with “crack.”

Robinson said that on his drive he met with some men and got into an argument with them. Someone began to shoot at Robinson’s vehicle, so he sped off, the report says. While he was driving away in the 3800 block of Winbourne he struck another vehicle.

His daughter was buckled in the car seat, but the seat itself was not secured. As a result, the car seat was tossed, injuring the baby, the report says.

Robinson, of Baton Rouge, was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on counts of domestic abuse battery by strangulation, domestic abuse battery, cruelty to juvenile and second-degree cruelty to a juvenile.