Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 19-year-old man and a teenage boy who are accused of committing a six-day streak of eight burglaries in the Hickory Ridge and Shenandoah areas.

Ryan Sheppard and the teenager told deputies they had broken into eight homes between March 24 and March 30 — including three in a single day, according to Sheriff’s Office reports.

In each break-in, the two would smash a rear window of the house to get inside, deputies said. By the time the spree was over, they had taken more than $2,500 in property — though that property all came from only two of the eight houses, said Casey Rayborn Hicks, a Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman.

The break-ins started with a home in the 5300 block of Hunters Park Avenue, when Sheppard cut his wrist and bled on the floor while searching through the house, the report says.

Then Sheppard and his accomplice broke into a home in the 5200 block of Charing Way Avenue, but the owner there reported nothing stolen, a report says.

On March 30, deputies say the pair broke into homes on Cottingham Court, Stillwater Drive and Whitewater Avenue. The home on Whitewater Avenue had video surveillance, and recordings showed the duo arriving in a Chevrolet Malibu, smashing two back windows and showed Sheppard slapping a dog on the head to make it run away, the report says.

Despite breaking the windows, the pair could not get inside — the deadbolts were secure, the report says. Then while scanning for another way in, Sheppard spotted the cameras, and the two got back in the car and drove away.

Other deputies who knew Sheppard confirmed his identity, leading to their arrest at the Jones Creek Library on March 31.

Sheppard, of 6521 Chippendale Drive, was booked into Parish Prison on five counts of simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling and a count of cruelty to an animal.