‘I’m going to kill y’all’: Baton Rouge man slaps, threatens grandmother, deputies say _lowres

Wilfred Guerin

East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputies on Saturday arrested a man accused of slapping his grandmother during an argument, then pointing kitchen knives at another person who stepped in to protect the woman.

Wilfred Guerin, 33, is accused of slapping his grandmother, leaving a “large red mark” on her wrist, according to a Sheriff’s Office report. Another person in the Laredo Avenue house pushed Guerin away from the woman and into the kitchen, where Guerin grabbed a knife, the report says.

Guerin ran outside and broke the knife when he tried to stab a tire on a vehicle, the report says. He went back in the house, got two more knives and started chasing the person who broke up the argument down the street, the report says.

Guerin eventually turned around and starting walking back to his house, and the other person went to a neighbor’s house to call the Sheriff’s Office, the report says.

As Guerin was walking home, a deputy arrived and ordered him to drop the knives, which he did after several commands, the report says.

After he was handcuffed, Guerin continued to shout threats, even telling his grandmother and the other person that “I’m going to kill y’all,” according to the report.

Guerin, 5447 Laredo Ave., Baton Rouge, was booked into Parish Prison on counts of aggravated assault with a knife, domestic abuse battery, simple criminal damage to property and simple assault. His bail information was not immediately available in online jail records.