Advocate Staff Photo by HEATHER MCCLELLAND -- The LSU Tiger band spells out "LSU" on the field before kickoff for the Florida game, while hundreds of fans continue to file into Tiger Stadium Saturday, Oct. 8, 2011.

Heather McClelland

Campus police officers are investigating a potential break-in at Tiger Stadium on Sunday, according to LSU police logs and a university spokesman.

The alleged break-in, described in the police log as a "burglary," is the third incident this month at LSU's massive football stadium.

Ernie Ballard, spokesman for LSU, said the incident involved "someone improperly accessing Tiger Stadium" and remains under investigation.

The weekend before, an official in charge of concession stands at the stadium reported a possible overnight break-in, though campus police did not report any missing items or damage. In a separate incident earlier this month, one or more people who illegally entered Tiger Stadium overnight caused "minimal damage" to the grass field.

During this past fall's football season, two 18-year-old Alabama students were arrested for breaking into the stadium and scratching the tiger eye painted on midfield.