Baton Rouge man accused of forcing woman to drive him to credit union to get cash for him _lowres

Jeremey Thompson

A Baton Rouge man arrested Thursday is accused of forcing a woman who had filed a protective order against him to drive him to her credit union to withdraw cash for him.

They stopped at a store on the way, and the woman was able to tip off an employee who alerted law enforcement, the arrest report says.

Jeremey Thompson, 23, of 2576 Eastgate Drive, went to the woman’s hotel room about 8 a.m. Thursday and demanded she let him use her rental vehicle, the report says.

After she told him he couldn’t use the vehicle, because it had been rented to her through her insurance company, Thompson took her cell phone and car keys from the night table, and the cord to the land-line phone, forcing her to take him to the credit union to get money for him, the report says.

Thompson also told her that if she contacted police and he saw officers, he would crash the car, forcing her to pay for the rental vehicle.

The woman, with the man in the car, first drove to a gas station on Siegen Lane and was able to go inside alone and tell an employee the name of the credit union in the Target shopping center on Siegen Lane she was being forced to go to and that there was a restraining order against the male in the car, the report says.

When an officer arrived at the credit union, he arrested Thompson, who was in the car. Inside the credit union, the woman was trying to call 911.

Thompson was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on counts of violation of an April 2 protective order, extortion and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.