Preliminary results from an autopsy of the Pride man who sheriff’s officials say was shot dead by a deputy on Christmas Eve show the death was caused by a single gunshot fired from a distance, the coroner said.

Gregory Sanders, 54, was shot in the head, East Baton Rouge coroner Dr. William “Beau” Clark said Monday. He said a final autopsy report will be issued after 60 days but he expects the results will remain the same.

Sanders, who’d told authorities he wanted to harm himself, pointed a rifle at three deputies who responded Thursday to the man’s residence at 16486 Pride-Baywood Road, prompting one of the lawmen to fire, Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said.

The house had been flagged because of unspecified prior incidents, East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore said.

Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Casey Rayborn Hicks said the deputies were not wearing body cameras. She added Monday that dashcam footage of the incident doesn’t exist because the video system, which is tied to the activation of emergency lights on deputies’ vehicles, was not turned on since the call originated as a request for assistance by EMS.