LSU Green Bay

Lambeau Field, a few hours before crews painted it ahead of LSU's game against Wisconsin.

Talk about a house divided. 

LSU's president F. King Alexander is heading to Lambeau Field for the Tiger's season opener against the Wisconsin Badgers, but first he'll be making an important pit stop. 

He's going to help his daughter Savannah Alexander move in for school. Savannah is a junior at Wisconsin. 

Alexander also got his doctoral degree from the school. 

But holding it down for the Tigers is Alexander's other daughter, Kylie Smith, who is entering her third year at LSU.

"As a Wisconsin grad, it's always exciting to go back to Wisconsin, and now I get to share that experience with Savannah who moved back this week for classes," Alexander said. "But, it's equally exciting to have Kylie at LSU and to be a Tiger myself."

Alexander said the game would be very special for the family. 

"But I'm going to wear purple and gold," he said. 

Alexander placed a wager on the Tigers with Wisconsin's Chancellor Becky Blank. She put up a wheel of Wisconsin cheese, and Alexander put forward a basket of Cajun treats. 

"I'm looking forward to bringing the wheel of cheese back to Baton Rouge," he said. 

The game kicks off at 2:30 p.m. Central time on Saturday from Green Bay and will be aired on ABC. 

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