Tulane University has made Playboy magazine’s annual list of the nation’s top party schools, again.

“If anybody knows how to party, it’s the city of New Orlans,” the magazine writes of its No. 4 ranking for Tulane. “When most colleges are cracking down, Tulane continues to rise above the rest.”

LSU, which has received the dubious distinction of being on the “party schools” list in the past, didn’t make the cut this year.

Coming in at No. 1 was Ohio University, which the magazine praises for its raucous parties and the state’s marijuana decriminalization.

The rest of the list:

2. University of Iowa

3. Florida State University

4. Tulane

5. University of Illinois

6. University of Texas

7. Syracuse University

8. University of Wisconsin

9. Ole Miss

10. University of Michigan