Officials of the Recovery School District cannot locate $5.4 million of state property, Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera said in a report released Wednesday morning.

Purpera said the total includes property from three previous financial years that RSD officials still cannot find.

State rules require that movable property costing $1,000 or more be properly tagged and inventoried and that any missing items be reported.

The RSD oversees about 60 charter schools in New Orleans and Baton Rouge taken from local authority by the state because of years of academic problems.

Purpera said his latest review marks the 11th consecutive year that RSD officials failed to maintain and accurately report equipment.

Legislative auditor renews criticism of Recovery School District

However, the pricetag of the missing items is getting smaller.

The audit said unlocated property totals about $218,000 this year, down from $607,000 in the previous year and $7 million in 2014.

"The RSD has made tremendous progress in addressing previous audit findings related to unlocated property," Kunjan Narechania, chief executive officer of the RSD, said in a two-page written response to the report.

Narechania, like previous RSD leader Patrick Dobard, said 95 percent of the missing property is outdated IT systems with zero value.

Criticism in Purpera's latest report is nearly identical to that in previous reviews. He said RSD officials are hampered by several problems, including inaccurate and incomplete information included in a state tracking method called an asset management system.

The report said custodians lack training and accountability, RSD officials fail to follow policies on property, and RSD management fails to enforce those rules.

"Failure to comply with state equipment regulations increases the risk that assets may be misreported, lost or stolen," according to the report, an echo of previous criticism.

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