A gym at the Central High School, built in 1927, will be spared the wrecking ball until at least mid-March after supporters managed to raise $10,000 in time for a Wednesday deadline.

Superintendent Michael Faulk said he received the $10,000 check Wednesday from David Freneaux, a CPA who co-owns a transportation business and weekly newspaper.

The Central School Board is planning to hold a special meeting, the date still to be determined, to figure out what they want from those who seek to preserve the old building.

“They want to lay out some criteria for a plan that (supporters) have to develop by March 15,” Faulk said.

Freneaux and his wife, Mia, pleaded on Sept. 8 with the board to give them some time to raise money to preserve and restore the condemned building located at 11526 Sullivan Road, which was the home of Central Middle and Central High before that. The couple submitted a petition with 700 signatures.

The board agreed to a six-month delay, provided supporters came up with $10,000 by Wednesday. If they had failed to meet the deadline, the gym would have been torn down. If supporters fail by March 15 to create a viable preservation plan, the $10,000 will be used to bring the demolition crew currently at the site back out to finish the job.

Freneaux has pegged the likely cost of a full renovation at more than $150,000.

The board has been debating for years what to do with the old gym, which many in Central remember fondly. Voters in November renewed bonds, some of which are paying for the demolition of the buildings.