Parents of Redemptorist Elementary Schools students are upset about a teacher's text message saying student's "Nappy, Uncombed, Picked/Sponged' look Must Go," according to a WBRZ report.

The report says parents of students in K-7th grade received the message.

"To say that word, nappy, in a text, let me know that she was a person that just didn't care as far as what she said and I figured if you put it in writing, you'll say it just as well to the children and that's not right," said Mary Brooks, a student's grandmother.

The Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge, which oversees Redemptorist Elementary, told WBRZ, "We are certain it was not the intent of any communication from the school to be offensive to anyone and we are sure that the matter will be handled appropriately through the proper channels."

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