Parents and others can begin offering comments on Common Core through an online portal that is the first step in the review of the standards, officials of the state Department of Education said Wednesday.

The portal allows those using it to review each standard in math, reading and writing, to make suggestions and to say whether it should remain as written, be moved to another grade level, be broken into smaller standards or be rewritten or removed.

“The online portal will provide educators a starting point as they embark on the review and development process,” state Superintendent of Education John White said in a statement.

The comments are part of a review process that includes 101 educators and others on four committees named by the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

A team from the Southern Regional Educational Board will review all the public comments received by Aug. 7 and present its findings to the Standards Review Committee during its first meeting on Aug. 19 in Baton Rouge.

The committee is the chief panel of the four review committees, with three serving as subcommittees.

BESE is supposed to finish any recommended changes to Common Core by early March.

Those recommendations will then be reviewed by the state House and Senate education committees and the governor.

Common Core represents new academic benchmarks.

The review process was initially limited to a panel of educators and others and BESE.

However, bills passed during the 2015 Legislature require public hearings in all six congressional districts and other changes.

Access to the portal is available at louisiana.statestandards .com/.