A proposal that would make it easier for public school teachers to earn and retain a form of job protection called tenure failed to advance Wednesday in a Senate committee.

Current law requires teachers to get the state’s top job evaluation for five out of six years to become tenured.

State Sen. Rick Gallot, D-Ruston, wanted to award the job protection for those with the top rating for three consecutive years.

However, no member of the Senate Education Committee offered a motion, which likely kills the bill for the session.

Earlier Michael Walker-Jones, executive director of the Louisiana Association of Educators, said tenure only offers teachers due process, not a job for life.

He said the current requirement is almost impossible to reach.

Brigitte Nieland, who follows public school issues for the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, said the 2012 law was a plus for taxpayers and students.

“It is not time to turn back the clock,” Nieland told the committee.