Legislation that is part of a three-bill agreement on Common Core won easy approval Wednesday in the Louisiana Senate 36-1.

The measure, Senate Bill 43, next faces action in the state House.

The proposal requires that any changes in the academic standards be submitted to the House and Senate education committees after the state’s top school board finishes action.

The bill also makes clear that future governors, like the legislative panels, can only accept or reject the proposed changes in Common Core but cannot change them.

Senate Education Committee Chairman Conrad Appel, R-Metairie, who backs Common Core, is sponsor of the legislation.

The bill is one of three measures aimed at reducing a 21-month controversy over the classroom benchmarks in reading, writing and math.

The bill earlier breezed through the Senate Education Committee.

The key measure in last week’s Common Core agreement — House Bill 373 — was scheduled for a House vote on Wednesday but was delayed until May 27.

That bill plans changes in the way the state would review the academic benchmarks, including a requirement for public hearings in all six of the state’s congressional districts.

A third bill would revamp Common Core tests for the 2015-16 school year.